Will Starbucks Grind Your Coffee?

Tell me a single living person who doesn’t like the smell of coffee, especially when it’s fresh.

Coffee is a great reason to wake up, and a great accompany during breaks, it is literally a stress cure for most of the time.

I assume you bought coffee, but do not own a machine at home or just have no clue about how the process goes Here I have some explanations to do.

Starbucks can be found on every corner of the street. They do have outstanding and up-to-date machines for grinding lots of coffee types. Of course, you cannot buy beans from other brands and ask Starbucks to grind them for you.

Let’s see how the Starbucks system works?

Will Starbucks Grind Coffee Beans For Free?

There is absolutely no need to get your own when you can do it for free, but with conditions.

If the bag is opened and exposed to air, no, Starbucks won’t grind your beans.

Starbucks will also reject your grinding request if you didn’t buy the beans from Starbucks, but other brands.

If the date is expired, good luck for the next time, don’t bother to ask.


If I ask Starbucks for Griding, Will The Employees Help?

Yes, they surely will but there are some instructions to follow.

Of course, in the name of their brand and reputation, they will, however, the beans must be from Starbucks. Doesn’t matter whether you buy online or from the closest market, unless it’s from Starbucks, feel free to ask them.

Starbucks will crush your coffee beans in the same grinder that they use for their own, so some coffee grounds and traces of oil from your coffee will definitely be left behind.

Starbucks stands firm on grinding their own coffee beans for you. In this manner, they can be certain that the traces left in their grinders don’t lose their high quality. This is the main reason why they don’t grind other brands’ coffees. It is about the policy and not losing the quality.

Starbucks Had Announced This Service Officially On Twitter

Back on Apr 22, 2015, with the hashtag #ProTip, Starbucks made an announcement in the quote “Your local Starbucks can grind coffee for almost any brewer and filter. And it’s free!”. But some customers don’t know their catch, so it created confusion.
Starbucks also shared a picture of 4 grinding types they use; Coffee Press, Pour-over, Coffee Brewer, and the final one, Espresso.

What Are Starbucks Grind Settings?

Starbucks owns different grinder settings when it comes to making coffee. No doubt they are experts and the staff members work with care and policy.

They will grind several types of coffee beans such as French press, flat-bottom filter, cone filter, espresso, or Turkish coffee. Nothing beyond that. Alternatively, ask them to use the universal grind and you will be ok.

The challenge begins with finding out the right grind size for you. Besides, the brewing types I mentioned above, Starbucks has in total 5 grinding types and specific brewing methods for themselves.

  • Coffee Press – It is used more for a cold brew and the french press is brewed with cold water too.
  • Pour-over– Pour-over and drip approaches are pretty much the same methods, they saturate grounds with water and gain liquid as it passes from the filter.
  • Coffee Brewer – It is more like the household coffee maker method, which most of us are familiar with.
  • Espresso – blooms coffee with hot water
  • Turkish – for Turkish coffee, add cold water and sugar (if preferred). Boil it in the specific pot called a cezve.


What Is This So-Called Starbucks Universal Grind?

Starbucks has this well-known universal grind which is something super useful. Every coffee bean can be ground together without problems or conflict.

What Type of Grinder Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks uses a machine called Mastrena. It is a brand that was developed particularly for the Starbucks coffee shop by Thermoplan AG in Switzerland.

When Is The Best Time To Go To Starbucks?

It is important to take a step into Starbucks when the time is right. I know you haven’t considered it in the first place, but it will make sense. Save yourself some time and try to avoid asking baristas during their stressful work hours. Break hours would be perfect timing, and knowing peak hours a day would help a lot.

When are these peak hours?

To be honest, Starbucks doesn’t have just one peak hour, it highly depends on location. Employees are busy all the time, but the peak during the weekdays appears to be from 7:00 am to 11:00 am, whereas the weekends are busier without fluctuation. This tells that usually, people stop by in the mornings, on their way to work. When the break time is over, the peak time is over too.


Getting Your Own Grinder

Just letting you know, the grinders cannot help with the taste of coffee, let’s start there. Finding high-quality coffee beans stays on top of everything.

If you want to put less effort and not go to Starbucks for the simple grinding procedure, or you work from home and have no time, then you should consider getting a grinder. Otherwise, it’s not a necessary tool to have.

Burr VS. Blade Grinders

Starbucks uses 2 types of grinders; Burr grinder and Blade grinder.

Burr Grinders

Burr Grinders use only one blade for chopping. They work faster and more aggressively without having adjustable settings. The moving wheels are two types, wheel burrs, and conical burrs. The coffee is likely to taste better and dissolve without much need for a human stir.

Blade Grinders

Blade Grinders use 2 metal blades to chop beans. The good thing about them is not being pricey, plus, they have a simple use and are easy to figure out how it’s done.

Blade grinders possess a slower mechanism than burred grinders. The brew quality is not staying the same throughout the process. There is the possibility to have burned taste one day without doing anything different from the other day.

Blade grinders allow you to adjust settings for grinding and leave space to decide about the size.